Dog Show in České Budějovice


On Sunday I got up to Dog Show in České Budějovice. Getting up at 4 am is getting more and more difficult, do you know what could be the reason? I always wonder WHY? But yeah, in the end I was glad.

My daughter has been exhibiting with me for the last year, so traveling is immediately more enjoyable. In the morning all the dogs were looking forward to a new trip, disappointed looks accompanied us to the door, only Uniolka and Tulipánek already had their collars on and were happily jumping on the door. We had a long journey ahead of us with a stop in Prague, where we picked up Květa Davídková and Ulinda.

On the way we were still looking for a pharmacy, but we managed to find it all and were at the fairgrounds on time. Uniola was not very pleased with the show hall and smelled something on the carpet, but we got a nice award and got excellent 3 from the ring. Tulipánek showed beautifully and won the open class, thus fulfilling the conditions for the title CZECH CHAMPION. In the competition he got R.CACIB.

The last handcuff was Ula z Písecká brány, who is granddaughter of our Geni. It is not easy with Ula, she is very temperamental and always jumping on someone. Before showing in the ring there was a moment to run her out and then it was better in the ring. What better, great. She got excellent 1, CAJC, JCACIB and BOJ in junior class.

And that's what I get up in the morning for!