Today our vet confirmed the pregnancy of our female Rebarborka GRAND PETROS, we are very happy that we are on our way to interesting puppies by red petit brabancon male SHEVILAN Theodor. He lives near Golčův Jeníkov with Mrs. Kateřina Dušková (Modrý dukát), but he comes from Latvia from Shevilan kennel of Alex & Ilana Shevsky.

Expected puppies are here! Toulitka and Leošek have 6 puppies, 5 girls and 1 boy. Toulitka managed her first delivery in a normal way, without any problems. She is a model, but very tired mother. Luckily she is enjoying her food, and regularly replenishes her energy to feed and clean the puppies. The puppies are gaining weight regularly and at...

Well, I don't know, I guess I do, I'm not gonna plan ahead anymore. You can't control nature, and if you calculate that Rebeca will beseason in December, the baby will start season in November. The stud dog we chose was not available in November, so we chose again. We chose Rebeca's beautiful red Petit Brabancon Theodore Shevilan.

Puppies will be born around November 20. Today we had an ultrasound with Toulitka and the vet confirmed the pregnancy. At home we said it's for sure, she started to be very careful with herself, suddenly she has a reluctance to eat ... in short the right signs. And now it's confirmed.

On Sunday I got up to Dog Show in České Budějovice. Getting up at 4 am is getting more and more difficult, do you know what could be the reason? I always wonder WHY? But yeah, in the end I was glad.

No matter how you plan, nature will take care of itself. We had a "beautiful" trip, I can tell you, it was a race, to the groom and finally the mating was successful and we will know how successful it was in a month.

It's close by and a nice fairground setting, why not go? There were several reasons, but in the end we applied for both shows and we don't regret it.