Did we enjoy the Club Show in Živohošt'?


First weekend in September we went to camp in Nova Zivohost to enjoy weekend and Club Show in beautiful Juniorcamp. And it worked out great!

How it started

We arrived at the camp on Friday afternoon. After overcoming the messy exit from Prague, I was glad to be there. The security at the entrance to the site had improved since last year and once again we had a lovely clean room. Well, my better half said after seeing the room, "This is going to be an interesting night." No, no, she wasn't thinking of me, she was thinking of a night with six griffons in one bed. But the gloom was dispelled by the excellent cuisine and the excellent beer. Love goes through the stomach, still.


On Saturday we got everything set up, set up the tent and it all went beautifully until I realised I wasn't dressed up, didn't have a number and the show was about to start. A bit of a rush, stress and we could start.


The show went on at a nice pace and mood. And it just worked out. Uniolka won her class, Best of junior and Best junior in the final competitions. Our other iron in the fire, Tulipánek, won his class and showed very well. In the competition another dog was better and so I thought the competition was over for us. But, in the end I showed Brussels Griffon bitch of our great friend Květa Davídková and with Ula z PÍSECKÉ BRANY we ran EX 1.