New Year puppies


We won't soon forget this year's. Rebarborka decided to bring puppies into the world. She was getting ready to give birth since morning, she was restless, she was rearranging her bed and waiting for it to start. After 16 hours we had our first female puppy.

We figured we could be done by 10pm, and hopefully have a little bit of an end of the year celebration. But all the puppies were turned and coming into the world with their backsides. They seemed to let us know what they thought of our world.

I was 30 minutes off on the schedule. The birth wasn't exactly easy, but Rebarborka made it through and has 3 beautiful girls and 1 boy. We broke out the champagne and welcomed not only the puppies, but the New Year.

We wish the puppies and all doggies HEALTH AND HAPPINESS!