Successful weekend


We have a new show season and the first international show DUO CACIB in BRNO, only 300 km from home. In the period when we have puppies at home I don't want to go to shows too much for fear of bringing something unwanted home. But in autumn my daughter, Slávka, and I decided that it would be a good to try with Tulipanek for C.I.B, the International Beauty Champion title. And with Jolinka, as we call Uniola at home, to start with the national beauty champion. So we planned a two-day show.

In the period of DUO CACIB there is still a lottery with the weather. In January there are heavy frosts and it is not always easy to travel on the D1 motorway. Since I didn't want to leave home at 3:30, I spent the night in Prague on Friday. Together with Slávinka and my friend Keva Davídková, kennel from Písecká brána, we started our attack on Brno before 6 am.

We managed everything and were at the showground in time, just in time, to walk the dogs, settle down at the ring and give Jolinka a little bit of a treat.

Belgian griffons started judging and everything went well, I even got praise from the experienced exhibitor Klara Buňatová that I did a great job with Jola. Well, I confessed that it was not my merit, I guess the girl has matured and handles the show atmosphere beautifully. She got Exc.1, CAC and R.CACIB. One day I wish we could go to the ring at 12:00, we could sleep in the morning.

When we saw the competition with the Brussels griffons, we were not sure of the result. But Tulipánek convinced the judge not only by his exterior but also by his character. No matter what the judge did, Tulda absolutely ignored her and didn't even bat an eye at her. Yeah, his heart belongs only to Slavinka.

After the first day we left for the boarding house Svejk with R. CACIB, CACIB and BOB and beautiful experiences and photos.

The next day at the same time and place, with a different judge, everything was repeated. Only we were all a bit tired, sleep deprived, but HAPPY. We are so well on our way to the championships. We came away with 2 BOB, 2 CACIB and 4 CAC and even Uniola received the title CLUB JUNIOR CHAMPION from the Griffon and Brabant Breeders Club.

Thanks friends, exhibitors, for letting us enjoy the show with you.